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Free yourself from allergies and feel well again

Many of the everyday symptoms we experience when we are feeling below par, such as tiredness, anxiety, headaches, bloatedness and aches and pains, are caused by sensitivities to things we breathe, touch, eat or drink. These sensitive responses are actually symptoms of allergies, which if left untreated can often lead to more serious, severe or chronic ailments.

How Bellequest can help?

Bellequest is a practice dedicated to eliminating allergies for good. We use a powerful technique called NAET which combines oriental medicine principles, chiropractic methods and kinesiology to permanently clear each allergy. Many other techniques alleviate symptoms, but do not remove allergies for good. This technique is natural, drug free, painless and non invasive. It can be used safely on anyone, from a one day old child to an elderly person.

Once an allergen has been eliminated, the effect will be permanent and there is no need to avoid the substance in the future.

Known as NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), this process was developed in the USA by Dr Devi Nambudripad more than 20 years ago and is practised all over the world by qualified practitioners, including around 100 in the UK.

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